How to Write a Synthesis Essay in Five Simple Steps

The synthesis essay is a type of academic assignment students begin to learn at the high school and college levels and is the kind of writing one sees a lot in the fields of business and marketing. It requires critical reviewing and thinking in order to make connections between two subjects as they pertain to a specific topic. It may seem complicated now but it’s a kind writing skill that can be extremely helpful in the professional world. This short article provides the basics towards crafting a really good synthesis essay when you are just starting out:

  1. Understand the Requirements and Pick a Manageable Topic

    Start by rereading the assignment prompt and highlighting its key points. These may be terms that signal specific requirements, as well as parameters that need to be met in order to score the highest possible grade. Don’t work on a difficult topic if this is your first time writing a synthesis essay. Start with something manageable and you’ll have an easier time getting used to the assignment’s structure.

  2. Develop a Tentative Thesis Statement and Create an Outline

    Create a synthesis essay thesis statement and outline to organize your ideas and use them as a reference when writing the first draft. Arrange your best discussion points and related supporting evidence and examples in a logical manner, so that the reader can easily understand why your argument is feasible. Make sure you factor in transitions to facilitate the reader’s absorption of the material presented.

  3. Use Your Outline to Guide the Composition of the First Draft

    When writing the first draft, refer to your outline often. But don’t be afraid to deviate from your original plan if you come up with new thoughts and gather new material from your research that better supports your tentative thesis statement. Your first draft should be considered a fluid document and while the outline will keep you on track, it’s always advised that you follow your gut feelings.

  4. Revise Your Thesis Statement, Outline, and First Essay Draft

    When you revise a synthesis essay your goal is to strengthen the points you are making and improve the transitions you make between them. Start with your thesis statement, ensuring that it follows the direction your first draft took. Next, revise your outline and use it to guide the revisions you make to the second draft.

  5. Carefully Edit and Proofread the Entire Essay before Submittal

    The last step in the process requires you to carefully edit and proofread the document before you hand it into class. Editing and proofreading should be done separately and at least two times each. Print out your document and use a colored pen to make changes. After you’ve done this twice, ask a friend or classmate to look over your essay before submittal.

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