The Top 21 Best Cause and Effect Essay Topics for College

College is that time in a student’s life which is basically a make or break for any student. A good show in college ensures a bright future and a smooth road ahead whereas inefficient performance results in a dark, gloomy future. A major course in your college is the Business Communication course which will teach you not only to deal with your employee, employers and colleagues in a professional manner but it will also teach you how to stand by convincing others that how one thing leads to another. This type of writing is called cause and effect, and it will basically tell the effects of an outlined cause. It is important that you are or become really good at this because in your future the Ph.D. and MBA degree will be dependent on it. However, today I’m only going to be telling you about the easiest cause and effect topics you can write on which require minimal research and effort.

List of Topics

Most any topic can be crafted to create a cause and effect essay. But sometimes it is difficult to get that first topic idea. A list of possible topics is as follows:

  • The Flip side of smartphones
  • Why do reality shows gain popularity
  • Why doesn’t the modern generation read newspaper
  • Why do many people prefer Automatic Cars
  • Why is mathematics so difficult
  • Why is junk food so popular
  • Why do Video Gamers have quick reflexes
  • Selecting marketing as a major
  • Effects of a dysfunctional couple on children
  • Why many people are becoming freelancers
  • Importance of a coach or mentor in your life
  • Teaching leads to improved grades
  • Why are zombie survival games so popular
  • Popularity of Apocalypse movies
  • Influence of violent news on children
  • Why girls mostly do their majors in HR
  • Why Asian students get better grades
  • How computers have affected our everyday life (negatively)
  • Why increasing number of people are shopping online
  • Why do students hate History
  • How unemployment affects a person

In the end, I would like to conclude by saying that this is a comprehensive list of topics which on which you can write your cause and effect essay on. The topics mentioned above are topics which are trending worldwide at the moment and will surely make for an interesting read. These topics will require fairly minimal research and take very less time.

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