16 Proposal Essay Topics for College Students

The main purpose of a proposal essay is to present an idea and give examples and pieces of evidence meant to persuade the reader why the idea in question works or doesn’t. It is different from other types of academic assignments you may be used in writing, but similar to other papers choosing a good essay topic is a must. Here is a list of great proposal essay topics you can use for this type of assignment:

Proposal Essay Topics about Educational Issues

  1. Should social media sites be allowed on library computers if it means that students would be more engaged in academic studies?
  2. Why do high school students feel that they absolutely have to have a cell phone when they are at school and what can educators do to change this way of thinking?
  3. How does the study of biology and/or chemistry help students in later stages of life despite going into a different professional field?
  4. Which historical figure had the largest impact in developing the modern educational system in the United States?
  5. What are the negative consequences of dropping out of school and what can school administrators do to lower the number of students leaving early?
  6. What effects does regular homework have on students’ development of important life skills they will use in professional roles?
  7. Should students focus on creative subjects more so than technology, science, and business despite the fact the latter options are more promising industries?
  8. What can educators do to encourage students who perform poorly on tests and homework scores but excel in other intellectual areas?

Proposal Essay Topics about Current Affairs and Culture

  1. How have family traditional values been affected as a result of popular culture and people’s addiction to social media activities?
  2. Is it a good idea for the U.S. to respond internationally to the accusations that foreign countries may have hacked the 2016 election?
  3. What are some things that parents can do to prevent their children from bullying others at school or in the community?
  4. How would U.S. citizens benefit if the had access to single-payer (or universal healthcare)? And what would this do to the nation’s economy?
  5. What can communities do to encourage tolerance among diverse populations? What organization or group should be held accountable?
  6. What can we do to decrease the number of adolescents that are turning to e-cigarettes and vaping despite these products being harmful?
  7. Should a person’s ethnic and educational background be considered when they are accused of a crime and face punishment by the courts?
  8. Should terminal patients have the right to die by euthanasia or should every effort be made to prolong the person’s life outside of their consent?

You may decide to alter these proposal essay topic ideas at your convenience. They are all free to use for any assignment of this type. For more ideas, contact our customer support team for custom lists to fit your current or future assignments.

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