Essay Creation: Compare and Contrast

An essay type many English teachers require in high school and college is the compare and contrast essay, where the advantages and disadvantages of two different topics are presented. It is good to learn this essay type as academic writing often requires following a similar format.

While this may seem simple enough to do, not everybody likes to write. If you can relate, read on to learn some tips to create a compare and contrast essay.

  • Research your topic well (if needed)

A requirement for many teachers is that the compare and contrast essay is backed up by facts. This means the student has to do some research. If it’s for English, you may just need three resources as your teacher is probably more concerned about the writing practice you will get out of the assignment. If it’s another subject (History, Psychology, Social Studies), you may need between three to five resources as your teacher will want to see more facts because the purpose is for you to learn more about the topic.

  • Organize how you tackle the paper

There are many ways to attack the main portion of the paper (body). One way is to dedicate the first paragraph to one issue, the second paragraph to the other side, and then give a full comparison in the third. Another is to discuss the similarities of both sides in the first paragraph, the differences in the second, and then present the seemingly “better” choice in the third.

To ensure you don’t lose focus when making the paper, it is best to organize your thoughts first in an outline. Doing so will make the comparison clearer in your mind, so you don’t waste a lot of time writing the essay.

  • Entice your reader in the Intro

An important way of generating interest in your paper is to capture your reader’s interest at the very start. Find a quote, important fact, anecdote, or compelling question that will get your reader hooked on what you will say next.

If you are having difficulty with this, it helps to browse sample essays to see how others catch their audience’s attention.

  • Wrap it up well

Your ending should wrap up everything that has been said without necessarily repeating all the details.  It takes some creativity to do this, so spend some time thinking about how to end the essay with some impact.  Just remember, the conclusion should not introduce anything new. All ideas should be discussed in the body, lest you confuse your reader.

  • Check your work

Whenever making a paper for any class, it pays to always check your work.  Aside from fixing typos and spelling errors, a second or even third look may give you more ideas on how to make your paper better, especially for your Introduction and Conclusion that require creative thought.


The compare and contrast essay is something beneficial to learn in class as it may help you in future academic tasks. You can even get paid for essay writing online if you learn to write brilliant papers. Take note of the pointers above to ensure a great essay.

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