Making an Essay on Gun Control

Because of all the shootings, police violence, and general unrest, gun control has become a major topic of debate. Some believe ordinary citizens should have guns to defend themselves against criminals, while others think gun ownership is the reason why there is so much violence in the first place.

As a hot topic, many teachers require their students to submit their opinion on the matter. If this is your situation, read on to learn more about making a gun control essay.

  • Research about both sides

Whether you are naturally “for” or “against” gun control, it is wise to research first the valid points for both sides before making your paper. Aside from giving you ideas about how to defend your position, research may give you a clearer insight as to why others are against your view.

  • Narrow down the main arguments

Research may give you multiple arguments for both sides. However, your essay should NOT include everything as you will not finish, and you will probably end up doing a sloppy job. Choose the two or three best arguments for each side so that you can explain your essay well.

  • Making the Introduction

Your essay’s Intro sets the mood for your paper. It should attract your reader. This can be done by presenting key statistics about criminal activity or gun misuse, narrating a short true story about the usefulness or dangers of guns, or sharing a popular quote. The Intro should also clearly state your position about gun control, so the reader is not left hanging as to what you wish to defend.

  • Creating the Body

There are many ways to create the Body. The most common is to create a one-sided essay where the Body’s paragraphs just discuss the main reasons for your side.

Another is to first discuss your side before presenting the opposite side. If you do this, however, you must present the weakness of your opponent before you end. If not, the reader will think you have switched sides.

A final choice is to discuss the opponent’s side first. After that, you can show the merits of your side.

  • Points to focus on

If you are pro-gun control, you can mention the dangers of guns in the hands of ordinary citizens (accidents, gun-assisted suicide, and road rage). You can also cite the increase in criminal activity because of access to guns.

But if you are anti-gun control, you can discuss how guns at home can deter crime and that not all gun-related incidents are committed by ordinary citizens. You may also cite that violent crimes still occur even without the use of guns.

  • The Conclusion

The ending is an important part of your paper. Here you must reiterate your position and remind the reader why your side is the best choice, without repeating the body’s details. If done well, your reader will understand your position and might even change their perspective.


The issue of gun control is something relevant to today’s time. If it is assigned to you for one of your subjects, take note of the tips above so that you know what to do.

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